Patients Rights and Responsibilities

How you can help us

We believe patients deserve our time and respect and as such we feel it is inappropriate to 'rush' through several problems at a single consultation. 

From time to time we may need to get in touch with you so it is very important that you inform us as soon as possible, of any change of address and telephone number.

We will not tolerate violent or abusive patients and will in most circumstances remove such patients from our list with immediate effect.

Our responsibility to you

We aim to provide a safe, friendly and efficient service to all our patients. We are always aiming to improve our services and as such would welcome any suggestions.


We understand that things are not always perfect and despite our best efforts things do go wrong.

If you feel the need to complain about our service, please put your complaint in writing for the attention of the Practice Manager. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three working days and after investigation, will offer you an explanation within ten working days. If the problem is unable to be resolved within the Practice, we will advise you of further action you can take.