Statement of Purpose

CQC Provider I.D: 1-669915157

We aim to ensure high quality, safe and effective services delivered in a safe and clean environment.

To provide monitored, audited, evidence based and continually improving healthcare services.

To provide healthcare by appropriately qualified practitioners, which is available to all patients and creates a partnership between our patients and healthcare professionals. We will ensure mutual respect, holistic care and continuous learning and training.

The provision of accessible healthcare which is proactive to healthcare changes, efficiency, innovation and development

To involve patients in the decision making regarding their care and treatment

To treat patients with respect and dignity

To provide advice, screening and support to patients with regard to their healthcare

To promote well-being and disease prevetion

To ensure that our surgery building will be welcoming, easy for patients to find their way around and appropriate to the needs of users, including the disabled

To ensure that all clinical areas are cleaned in accordance with Infection Control Standards

To ensure that all Clinicians are qualified and insured accordingly

To ensure that all Clinicians are affiliated to the appropriate bodies

To ensue that patients and staff are treated without prejudice

To operate on a financially sound basis in accordance with legislative requirements.