Survey Result


Dr R Bhavananthan

The Practice has two surgeries.

The Main Surgery is located in Bulkington. It is situated at the juction of Rugby Road and New Street with easy access via B4024 and B4109.

The Branch Surgery is located in Bedworth Health centre. The building is shared with two other surgeries and it is in the village itself, opposite to the Civic Hall, Bedworth.

The Practice provides services to patients from Bulkington and the surrounding areas including Bedworth, part of Nuneaton, Wolvey, Withybrook, Shilton, Ansty, Longford and Ash Green. For any enquiries about the services provided and to join the practice list, please contact Reception.

The Practice currently has a patients list of approximately 3,300. It includes patients from various ethnic origins with different cultural and religious beliefs. It serves a population averaging 25,000 to 30,000

The Surgery is committed to providing the best possible patient care including physical, mental and social care all time.

Patient Survey

Meetings have been held with our Patient Participation Group and the list of survey questions is listed below.

Access to a Doctor or Nurse            

1. Speed at which the telephone was answered initially            

2. Length of time you had to wait for an appointment               

3. Seeing the Doctor of your choice                

4. Length of time waiting to see the Doctor or Nurse               

5. Opportunity of speaking to a Doctor or Nurse on the telephone when              necessary      

6. Level of satisfaction with the out of hours service                   

7. Level of satisfaction with Doctors/Nurse consultation                       

8. Level of satisfaction with opening times                     

9. Level of satisfaction with ability to pre-book appointments                     

Obtaining test results                       

10. Were you told when to contact us for your results           

11. Level of satisfaction with the amount of information provided                      

Reception staff

12. The helpfulness of the Reception staff

Satisfaction with Practice

13. My overall satisfaction with this Practice

We added a free text comment box asking patients for any further comments on services provided at the Surgery, and what we can do to improve your experience here.                                           

Survey Result

The Patient Survey was collated within both Surgeries on paper format and the results were transcribed electronically.  The Patients Survey result is as follows.

The survey was conducted during the first and second week in October.

The aim for the future survey will be undertaken in following ways

Paper Format and via the Practice website online.

134 (4.06% of Patient list) Service Users responded to Survey.

The information collated has proved extremely useful and beneficial in order to build upon what is already an exceptional service.

 Results to the questions of the Questionnaire  include:

 Question 1. 91% Excellent, very good or good.

Question 2.  83%  Excellent, very good or good.

Question 3.  88% Excellent, very good or good

Question 4.  2%   Had no experience, 0% responded poor and 6% responded fair.

Question 5.  29% Had no experience, 4% responded poor and 3% did not answer.

Question 6.  27% Had no experience, 2% responded poor and 6% did not answer.

Question 7.  83% Excellent, very good or good and 2% responded fair.

Question 8.  2% Had no experience, 2% responded poor and 7% responded fair.

Question 9.  67% Excellent, very good or good. and 12% poor.

Question 10. 15% Had no experience, 3% responded poor and8% responded fair.

Question 11. 68% of the respondents answered excellent, very good or good. 11% Had no experience.

Question 12. 98% of the respondents answered excellent, very good or good.

Question 13. 93% of the respondents answered excellent, very good or good.

Analysis of Result

The PPG held a meeting to discuss the findings of the report and all agreed the results were not too bad and that there were some areas for improvement.

The minutes of the meeting attached



Patient Participation Group Action Plan 

Survey Finding

Agreed Action

Action by who

Action by when

Date completed

Out of hours

To display more in the waiting area & reception in both surgery sites & on the front door.

Dr C Y T Muthiah & Dr Bhavan & Practice Manager

After the PPG meeting

Third week of February 2012.

To arrange open evening to get more members for PPG

Posters  to advertise on the both surgeries

Dr C Y T Muthiah & Dr Bhavan

May 2012


Did Not Attend for the doctors & nurses appointments

If anyone did not their appointments 3 times the letter to be sent by surgery.

Dr C Y T Muthiah, Dr Bhavan  & All practice staff